How to load lisp in autocad 2019

The Unload/Load Applications dialogue box will allow you to load and use AutoLisp routines whilst the program is running by selecting your AutoLisp routine then pressing the Load See Fig 2. 4. After pressing Load a notification will appear in the bottom left of the dialogue box to let you know when the AutoLisp routine has been successfully loaded.
Click Manage tab Customization panel User Interface. Find In the Customize tab, Customizations In pane, right-click the LISP Files node. Click Load LISP. In the Load LISP Files dialog box, browse to and select the AutoLISP file you want to load. Only files with the .lsp extension can be selected. Supports LISP, ARX & .NET assembly applications in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. CADSTA engine allows a wide range of LISP, FAS, VLX, ObjectARX, ObjectDBX and .NET assembly applications, such as AutoTURN, AccuRender and Space Mouse, to interoperate with AutoCAD LT. CADSTA Max also provides an extensive range of VLA and VLR (Reactor) functions.

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AutoLISP is based on the common LISP language, which is widely used in artificial intelligence applications. As a subset of the LISP language, AutoLISP derives the majority of its functions directly from the LISP language itself. AutoLISP is also a superset of the LISP language, such that it contains commands specific to working with AutoCAD ...
Download Free LISP Files for AutoCAD . Hey guys welcome Today I bring you one of very much awaited and requested blog post. In this post, I am gonna share with you my whole collection of AutoCAD lisp files that I am using in my daily routine. Run the APPLOAD command. Under Startup Suite, click the Contents button. Click the Add button. Browse to the location of the LISP file, select it, then click the Open button. Once all of the LISP routines have been added to the Startup Suite, click the Close button. Click Close again to close the Load/Unload Applications dialog.

This has always worked fine, with no problems, until I started using Autocad 2018. Now these routines will not load automatically. Other lisp routines, saved to the same location, load from the acaddoc file and work fine, but the routines like the one attached, which have a bunch of command calls inside, will not load automatically.
Josh explains what LISP is, the differences between AutoLISP and Visual LISP, how to write it, as well as how to create objects and store information that you can use later. Plus, throughout the course, he shares coding best practices that can help you work efficiently with this functional language. I did load it into the Visual Lisp Editor and did a check.....but it did not indicate any errors..!! The line I believe it is failing on is this one:

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Mar 19, 2017 · StartupSuite command loads LISP, ARX, DBX, .NET assembly applications into AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT automatically.
How to add ARX support to AutoCAD LT? « | » Hatch pattern doesn't fill the entire polygon. Have we helped you? If you want to support the CAD Forum web service, consider buying one of our CAD applications , or our custom software development offerings, or donating via PayPal (see above). Loads and unloads applications and defines which applications to load at startup. The Startup Suite option loads the specified applications each time the product starts. Application files can be dragged from the files list, or from any application with dragging capabilities.