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SU Carburetor Identification - Mini, Sprite, Midget, Morris Minor ... Now some of these carburetors, they've been converted so that you'll find this carburetor HIF44 on a 4 bolt flange manifold, sometimes you'll find it on a two bolt flange manifold and it will still fit or one that's one piece you can do that too that will still fit. You can ...The SU Reference Catalogue. 16th Edition 2012. SU Reference Catalogue 16th Edition Š 2012 Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd The technical information contained in this catalogue supersedes any previous ...
I am currently running an HIF44 carb on my 1133cc Sprite. It has an ADL needle, which is supposed to be the ideal for a 1275 engine. I am not getting good economy and the exhaust smells rich to the extent that a friend driving behind me said he could smell unburnt fuel and see a puff of black smoke on accelaration. 1: The specification number which appears on a metal tag attached to the carburetter by one of the float chamber or suction chamber screws. 2: The position in relation to the driver. The following diagrams show the identification system used. 3: By the interconnection between the throttle and...

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SU Carburetor Needle Searchable Selection Chart. Finding SU (Skinner Union) needles to make your car run right under all throttle conditions is a trying experience at best. This page should help a bit. HTML and Perl have been used to develop this database driven charting and searching tool.
the bulkhead box is available at minispares, but i got mine in a swap for a load of turbo bits, including a turbo hif44 carb, a plenum chamber, inlet and exhaust manifolds, an actuator and a spare t3 turbo which hopefully i wont be needing any time soon, the box was welded in, probably overkill but good to be sure its not going anywhereHIF44 Carb variation. Hi, I have just recently purchased a new HIF44 carb from ebay at a pretty good price when I received it and checked it out , it had an identl tag on with FZX1475 on. Further investigation shows it has a BFM needle and is for a Montego 1600.The carburettor identification is made by letter prefix which indicates the float type: "H": introduced in 1937 in which the float bowl has an arm cast into its base, which mounts to the bottom of the carburetor with a hollow bolt or banjo fitting. Fuel passes through the arm into the carburetor body.

make offer - pair classic triumph rover sd1 v8 66-95 twin su 1.3/4" hif44 carb carburetors Classic SU Twin Carburettors H4 Carbs MG Magnette ZB MGA MGTF Works AUC 868 EUR 797.96 Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Euros and are approximate conversions to Euros based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates.
Proper carburetor sizing and selection has been the topic of bench racing longer than most of us can remember. However, there is one fundamental truth when it comes to carburetor sizing and ...HIF44_carb_differences - Mini Cooper Forum. The 'second' one does not appear to be from/for a Mini - the throttle cable lever appears to pull in the wrong direction and would interfere with the intake manifold.

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Note: Ball valve replacement to needle & seat. This valve does not stick and provides better flow control.370-678 HIF44 Carburetor Conversion Kit, genuine SU| Replace your worn out original Zenith Stromberg 175 carburetor with a new easier to tune manual choke SU carb. Mounts to existing manifold and maintains the original look of the engine compartment.
Unscrew the damper and pull it out of the ' dashpot ' (properly called the piston chamber). It may pull straight out, or you may have to unfasten a circlip to free it. Mark how the dashpot fits on to the main body so that you can replace it as it was. In this video, Ed D'Arata, Mini Mania's SU Carburetor genius, goes through the differences between the various SU Carbs found on classic Minis, Sprite & Midgets, and Morris Minors. Use this handy ...